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  • Residents

  • Thank you for choosing to rent a home through SRP Management Greenville

  • We take pride in the homes we manage and want to assure you ahead of time that we will treat you as a tenant, lawfully and in a friendly manner. We also hope that you will feel welcome and as though this is your home.

    Upon moving in, we would like you to understand that both parties to a lease or rental transaction have certain obligations and responsibilities. We would like you to treat this home as if it were your own. This includes becoming aware of the property and what it includes, as well as what needs to be done to maintain the property.

    We provide tenants with repair/emergency line access at 864-237-4236 for things such as emergency furnace repair or broken plumbing. Repairs are done as soon as possible. However, please use your best judgment in determining what is or is not an emergency situation. We also have a Maintenance Request Form you are welcome to submit via the tenant portal for non-emergencies and you are always welcome to text the office 864-249-4955 as well.

    Please do not ever hesitate to ask questions; we prefer to have a clear understanding at the outset than a
    misunderstanding later. Our phone number is (864) 438-4577 and our office staff will be glad to speak with you.

  • We look forward to working with everyone for their housing needs!