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  • The Value of a Great Property Manager in Greenville SC

    May 12, 2015
  • The value of using an expert property manager can offer great benefits to home owners wanting to list houses for rent in Greenville SC. Here are a few ways that a good property manager can help you make your rental property the most profitable:

    More Thorough Tenant Screenings 

    Conducting a thorough tenant screening is a crucial process to ensure you that your tenants have financial stability and can demonstrate their willingness to respect your rental property and your tenant rules long term. When a thorough screening is done, it results in a landlord/tenant relationship that is less problematic.

  • An experienced property management company considers numerous tenant applications and can quickly spot possible problems that could result in rental scams or discrimination lawsuits due to a insufficient screening process. Avoiding these type of costly issues, in addition to having to send eviction notices for nonpayment of rent is understandably one of the many services a property management company will provide. 

  • Shorter Vacancy Periods

    A property management service in Greenville SC will help you fulfill three essential duties when listing houses for rent can directly affect the length it takes to fill your vacant units such as:

    • Cosmetically improving and preparing houses for rent in Greenville SC that can potentially maximize your revenue.

    • Deciding on charging rent that is neither too high nor too low; this requires access to rental rate tools, recently sold data on like units and knowledge of the Greenville real estate market.

    • Making suggestions on how to successfully market your property

    An experienced property manager understands how to emphasize specific selling points and knows where to advertise to bring in a larger volume of candidates to the table in a shorter period of time. As a result, a property manager can usually seize advertising rates that are cheaper when carrying out physical and digital marketing. They are also familiar with effective sales methods to close a deal when showing your houses to interested prospects.

    Better Tenant Retention

    Tenant turnovers typically involve an expensive, time-consuming process of thoroughly cleaning your rental houses, changing the locks, painting the walls and even installing new carpet or doing small repairs. More effort and time is put forth when marketing, presenting, screening and settling in a new tenant. A good property management company excels in a good tenant retention policy by keeping your tenants happy and providing for their basic needs which promotes longer stays in your properties.

    Controlled Rental Collection

    Consistently collecting rent on a monthly basis is the only way to really profit from your property and isn't negotiable. Tenants must adhere to every part of the lease agreement or accept the consequences. Your property manager works as the middle man to handle tenant disputes, sudden emergencies and endless explanations of missed payments, as well as the submission of an eviction notice if your tenant(s) can't fulfill their part of the lease agreement. Since there are strict laws that govern the eviction process, a property management firm knows how to handle an eviction legally, to reach the best possible outcome given the circumstances.

    Lower Maintenance and Repair Costs

    Practicing regular maintenance and repairs preserves your investment's value and keep tenants happy at the same time. By hiring competent property management in Greenville SC, you experience significant commercial savings as a landlord and have access to their in-house maintenance staff, as well as their licensed network of bonded and insured contractors who've been primed to offer affordable pricing and high quality work.

    Increase the Value of the Investment

    Putting preventative measures in force before minor grievances grow into larger, costlier problems, requires a written maintenance check program, detailed maintenance documentation and regular maintenance visits, all of which a property management firm in Greenville SC can do. The management firm can also offer you recommendations and feedback on upgrades and renovations, which will affect the rent you can charge, as well as influence maintenance and insurance.

    Lastly, hiring property management in Greenville SC affords you the opportunity to live and invest wherever you choose without the constraint of needing to be close by your properties. You have more time to spend with family or friends doing the things you love without the hassle of dealing with loads of paperwork or emergency maintenance repairs. Additionally, a property manager can assist you with your taxes. Listing houses for rent in Greenville, SC can be a more seamless process when you hire a competent property management team. SRP Management Greenville will be happy to assist you if you need to advertise and rent your property in Greenville, SC.